FinRobo is a professional advisor to build a Robo-Advisor platform for financial institutions.

We serve as a how-to expert in constructing a Robo-Advisor platform, a bridge connecting financial institutions and their investors. In the Robo-Advisor platform, everyone can get fair investment opportunities, shortening the distance between him and his financial freedom.

Three Core Competencies We Have

FinRobo specializes in providing one-stop customized Robo-Advisor services tailored to your business needs :

Integrating extensive resources from domestic and international research institutions.

Possessing the key technology of Robo-Advisor.

Dedicating ourselves to serving financial institutions.

FinRobo Advisor

Why Choose FinRobo?

Offering “Total Solution” of Robo-Advisor Services

Our Robo-Advisor services cover everything from initial consultation to product launch and compliance with financial regulatory examinations. The leaders on our team are experts in financial technology and well-versed in the standards for regulatory assessments.

Empowering the Brainpower of Robo-Advisor Systems

At the heart of Robo-Advisor services are algorithms. To cater to the specific requirements of each financial institution, FinRobo partners with Morningstar, a global fund rating company, along with AI quantitative startups based in Taiwan. This partnership helps investors identify personalized paths aligned with their risk tolerance, and pursue consistent asset growth through specialized algorithms designed for portfolio construction.

Integrating Middleware and Backend for Asset Management/Wealth Management Operations

Connecting Robo-Advisor platforms with middleware and backend systems involves significant IT data and coordination across departments. FinRobo has partnered with its parent company – Systemweb, experts in middleware and backend systems for financial institutions. The collaboration allows FinRobo to create flexible and customized solutions, guaranteeing the security and stability of Robo-Advisor platform development.

Our Advantages

Proficient in the Operation of Robo-Advisor Services

Quick to adapt and familiar with the entire operation process, facilitating rapid consensus building.

Strong Support from Domestic and International Research Teams

Supported by a Robo-Advisor research background from both domestic and international teams:
International– Collaborating with over 150 global fund analysts from Morningstar.
Domestic– Partnering with Taiwan-based startups, combining quantitative trading experience with advanced AI technology.

Investment Methodology Emphasizing Multi-Asset Allocation

Constructing investment portfolios based on principles and methodologies have been proven in the market.

Comprehensive Technical Support by System Integrators

Minimizing extra intermediary costs and schedule risks to enhance project reliability.

Secure Information Operations

The existing system and platform have operated smoothly for numerous years.

Well-versed in Regular Regulatory Checks

We make sure that our algorithms align with the operational guidelines set by the Financial Supervisory Commission in Taiwan throughout our collaboration.

Our Potential Clients in 6 Key Sectors
  • Banking Industry
  • Securities Investment Trust Industry
  • Securities Industry
Our potential clients in 6 key sectors
  • Securities Investment consulting Industry
  • Insurance Industry
  • Investment Management Industry